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The documentation for this template is transcluded from Template:Llp/doc. Please edit that page if you want to change something in the documentation. Do not edit this page unless you know what you're doing.
This template, which should only be used in non-article pages, simplifies the formatting of example links containing a trailing "pipe" character (|) with no following "link text". That is, it displays (in a monospace font) the "double-brackets" wikicode that would form such a link, as well as actually providing a working link to the target article. See the examples below.
{{llp|Article title}}
{{llp|Article title|link text}}
  1. The one required parameter is the title of the article being linked to. If an optional second parameter is provided, it is used as the "link text" in a "piped link" (but note that Template:Lp is more appropriate in that case).
  2. If you don't need an actual live link on the article title, use Template:Lp instead. If you don't need a trailing pipe character (or, as mentioned, if you want to specify text to follow the pipe), use Template:Ll (linked version) or Template:L (non-linked version).
The name "llp" is short for "linked link with visible pipe".
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