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Please see Wikipedia:Template:Cite journal for documentation on this template, which was modified from that original to work (eventually?) on this wiki.

Please note that this template doesn't yet work here on Iron Chariots! See the talk page for information about this.


Blank template (horizontal), common parameters only
{{cite journal | last= | first= | authorlink= | coauthors= | year= | month= | title= | journal= | volume= | issue= | pages= | id= | url= | accessdate= | quote= }}
Blank template (vertical, with coments), all parameters
  • Replace or delete material in <angle brackets> when using the template in an article.
  • Indented items are alternatives to the last non-indented item above them.
  • For those familiar with Wikipedia's version of this template, the quotes parameter is not used on this wiki.
{{cite journal
| title = <title of article>
| author = <full name of author>
  | last = <last name of author>
  | first = <first name of author>
| authorlink = <link author's name to this wiki article>
| coauthors = <list of coauthors>
| date = <YYYY-MM-DD>
  | year = <publication year>
  | month = <publication month>
| journal = <journal title>
| volume = <volume of journal>
| issue = <issue of journal>
| pages = <page(s) on which article appears>
| issn = <ISSN of journal>
| id = <unique identifier (specify type)>
  | pmid = <PubMed Unique Identifier>
  | doi = <digital object identifier>
| url = <URL for online version of article>
| format = <format for URL document, e.g. PDF>
| language = <language article is written in, if not English>
| accessdate = <date URL was accessed>
| laysummary = <>
| laysource = <>
| laydate = <>
| quote = <>
  • Please use the following format for accessdate: 2018-05-27
  • Use either author= or last=|first=, but not both.
  • quotes: Specify "quotes=no" to disable the quotes around the title. If "quotes" is not defined or set to the empty string, the template emits quotes around the title (default).
  • author: Author
    • last works with first to produce last, first;
    • authorlink works either with author or with last & first to link to the appropriate article (interwiki link)
    • coauthors: allows additional authors
  • date: [[January 1]], [[2006]]. Full date of publication.
    • year: 2006. Year of publication (ignored if the date field is used).
      • month: January. Month of publication (ignored if the date field is used, or if the year field is not used).
  • title: Title of article. This is the only required parameter. All other parameters are optional.
  • journal: Name of the journal.
  • volume: Volume number of the journal in which the article is found
  • issue: Issue number of the journal in which the article is found
  • pages: 45–47: first page, and optional last page.
  • issn: The publication's International Standard Serial Number such as 1111-2220
  • pmid: The document's PubMed Unique Identifier, such as 15128012
  • doi: A digital object identifier for the document, such as 10.1016/j.coi.2004.08.001
    • doilabel: If the doi contains some characters that must be escaped, use "doilabel" for the unescaped version. See {{doi}}: "id" is equivalent to "doi" and "label" is "doilabel"
  • id: A unique identifier, used if none of the above are applicable. In this case, you need to specify the kind of identifier you are using, preferably with a template like {{US patent}}. (Use one of the more specialized parameters if possible; they are linked automatically. In other words, don't use id = PMID 15128012 anymore. Use pmid = 15128012.)
  • url: URL of a copy of the article, if available online.
    • format: Format, i.e. PDF. Don't specify for HTML (implied as default).
      Specify as 'fee required' if free access no longer available.
      Specify as 'Reprint' if a full original version but not hosted by the original publisher.
  • accessdate: Full date when URL was accessed, in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format, for example "accessdate = 2018-05-27". Must not be wikilinked

For producing a non-wikilinked date of retrieval:

  • accessmonthday and accessyear: Month and day when item was accessed, for example "accessmonthday = May 10", and year when item was accessed, for example "accessyear = 2005". Produces: Retrieved on May 10, 2006.
  • accessdaymonth and accessyear: Month and day when item was accessed, for example "accessmonthday = 10 May", and year when item was accessed, for example "accessyear = 2005". Produces: Retrieved on 10 May 2006.
  • laysummary: URL of a lay summary, which could be in a popular science magazine or newspaper.
    • laysource: Name of the source, e.g. The Guardian (UK newspaper) or New Scientist.
    • laydate: Date of publication or, where this is not available, date of retrieval of the lay summary.
  • quote: Relevant excerpt from the journal.
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