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   |then=. ''{{{journal}}}''
   |then=. ''{{{journal}}}''
   |then= '''{{{volume}}}'''
   |then= '''{{{volume}}}'''
   |then= ({{{issue}}})
   |then= ({{{issue}}})
   |then=.&#32;[[Wikipedia:Digital_object_identifier|DOI]]:[http://dx.doi.org/{{{doi|{{{doilabel|}}}}}} {{{doi}}}]

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Please see Wikipedia:Template:Cite journal for documentation on this template, which was modified from that original to work (eventually?) on this wiki.

Please note that this template doesn't yet work here on Iron Chariots! See the talk page for information about this.


Blank template, horizontal format, common parameters only
{{cite journal | last= | first= | authorlink= | coauthors= | year= | month= | title= | journal= | volume= | issue= | pages= | id= | url= | accessdate= | quote= }}
Blank template, vertical format, with comments, all parameters
  • Replace or delete any <angle-bracketed text> below when using the template in an article.
  • Indented items are alternatives to the last non-indented item above them.
{{cite journal
| author = <full name of author>
  | last = <last name of author>
  | first = <first name of author>
| authorlink = <link author's name to this wiki article>
| coauthors = <list of coauthors>
| date = <date of publication>
  | year = <publication year>
  | month = <publication month>
| title = <title of article>
| journal = <journal title>
| volume = <volume of journal>
| issue = <issue of journal>
| pages = <page(s) on which article appears>
| issn = <ISSN of journal>
| id = <unique identifier (specify type)>
  | pmid = <PubMed Unique Identifier>
  | doi = <digital object identifier>
  | doilabel = <digital object identifier label (see note below)>
| url = <URL for online version of article>
| format = <format for URL document, if not HTML>
| language = <language article is written in, if not English>
| accessdate = <date URL was accessed>
  | accessyear = <year URL was accessed>
  | accessmonthday = <month and day URL was accessed>
    | accessdaymonth = <day and month URL was accessed>
| laysummary = <popular/simplified summary of article>
| laysource = <source of lay summary>
| laydate = <date of lay source>
| quote = <quote from article>

Other notes:

  • doi is used in a URL to link to information at doi.org. If the document identifier has characters that need to be "percent-escaped" (such as "%26" in place of "&"), then doilabel should contain the raw, "unescaped" version.
  • For those familiar with Wikipedia's version of this template, the quotes and curly parameters are not used in this version.

An alternate method of adding one or more references to common media (preferably in Layman's terms) from the related journal citation can be specified within a single <ref>...</ref> tag using other citation templates; for example:

Text in the article.<ref>{{cite journal | ... }}<br/>
'''Related news articles:'''
*{{cite news | ... }}
*{{cite web | ... }}</ref>


Formal citation
{{cite journal |last=Smith |first=Joseph III |title=Last Testimony of Sister Emma |journal=The Saints' Herald |volume=26 |year=1879 |month=October |pages=289 }}
Smith, Joseph III (October 1879) . "Last Testimony of Sister Emma". The Saints' Herald 26: 289.
Include URL link to free-article, pre-print or abstract
{{cite journal |last=Smith |first=Joseph III |title=Last Testimony of Sister Emma |journal=The Saints' Herald |volume=26 |issue=19 |date=[[October 1]], [[1879]] |pages=289 |url=http://www.lavazone2.com/dbroadhu/IL/sain1872.htm#100179 |accessdate=2006-03-23 }}
Smith, Joseph III (October 1, 1879) . "Last Testimony of Sister Emma". The Saints' Herald 26 (19): 289. Retrieved on 2006-03-23.
Specify the DOI to provide a permanent and direct link to the article from the publisher
{{cite journal |last=Giles |first=Jim |title=Preprint Server Seeks Way to Halt Plagiarists |url=http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v426/n6962/full/426007a.html |journal=Nature |date=6 November 2003 |pages=7 |doi=10.1038/426007a }}
Giles, Jim (6 November 2003) . "Preprint Server Seeks Way to Halt Plagiarists". Nature: 7. DOI:10.1038/426007a.
Other examples
  • {{cite journal |last=Fowler |first=Martin |authorlink=Martin Fowler |coauthors=Kent Beck |title=Last Testimony of Sister Emma |journal=The Saints' Herald |volume=26 |year=1879 |month=October |pages=289 }}
Fowler, Martin ; Kent Beck (October 1879) . "Last Testimony of Sister Emma". The Saints' Herald 26: 289.
  • {{cite journal |first=W. Hugh |last=Woodin |title=The Continuum Hypothesis, Part I |journal=Notices of the AMS |volume=48 |issue=6 |year=2001 |pages=567–576 |url=http://www.ams.org/notices/200106/fea-woodin.pdf |language=Greek |format=PDF }}
Woodin, W. Hugh (2001) . "The Continuum Hypothesis, Part I" (in Greek) (PDF). Notices of the AMS 48 (6): 567–576.
  • {{cite journal |title=Disney Releases 10 Titles on Laser Videodisc |year=1982 |journal=VIDEODISC/VIDEOTEX |volume=2 |issue=3 |pages=175 }}
(1982) "Disney Releases 10 Titles on Laser Videodisc". VIDEODISC/VIDEOTEX 2 (3): 175.
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