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|group9=Teleological arguments
|group9=Teleological arguments
|list9=''[[Argument from design]]'' · ''[[Banana argument]]'' · ''[[747 Junkyard argument]]''
|list9=''[[Argument from design]]'' · ''[[Banana argument]]'' · ''[[747 Junkyard argument]]'' · ''[[Laminin argument]]
|group10=Testimonial arguments
|group10=Testimonial arguments

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Anthropic arguments   Anthropic principle · Natural-law argument
Arguments for belief   Pascal's Wager · Argument from faith · Just hit your knees
Christological arguments   Christological argument · Argument from biblical miracles · Would someone die for a lie? · Liar, Lunatic or Lord
Cosmological arguments   Cosmological argument · Fine-tuning argument · First cause argument · Kalam · Uncaused cause · Unmoved mover
Majority arguments   Argumentum ad populum · Argument from admired religious scientists
Moral arguments   Moral argument · Argument from justice · Divine command theory
Ontological argument   Ontological argument · Argument from degree · Argument from goodness · Argument from desire
Reformed epistemology   Argument from divine sense · Sensus divinitatis
Teleological arguments   Argument from design · Banana argument · 747 Junkyard argument · Laminin argument
Testimonial arguments   Personal revelation · Argument from observed miracles · Argument from personal experience · Consciousness argument for the existence of God · Emotional pleas
Transcendental arguments   Transcendental argument · God created numbers
Biblical arguments   Biblical knowledge of round earth before science
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