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This template generates a single apostrophe character ('). It should only be necessary to use this template in certain special cases, as explained below, where the character would be mistakenly interpreted as an element of wiki syntax.
  • Wrong: '''Tis'' is a novel. She said, 'I ''don't.'''Tis is a novel. She said, 'I don't.
  • Right: ''{{'}}Tis'' is a novel. She said, 'I ''don't.''{{'}}'Tis is a novel. She said, 'I don't.'
  • OK: '''Tis'' is a novel. → 'Tis is a novel.
  • OK: ...''Socrates''' idea, not '''Plato's'''. → ...Socrates' idea, not Plato's.
Needed or not?
Since most instances of mixing apostrophe characters in with apostrophe-based wiki syntax will be processed correctly (see examples above), the easiest way of remembering when to use this template, as opposed to a bare apostrophe character, is just to use it only when you notice your wikicode is being processed incorrectly.
  • Use of this template will probably be more understandable to other editors than the equivalent numerical character entity ' (decimal) or ' (hexadecimal).
  • The template is also much shorter than <nowiki>'</nowiki>, which is another way of "escaping" an apostrophe character.
See also
  • Template:`` — for double apostrophes (to illustrate wikicode for italicized text)
  • Template:``` — for triple apostrophes (to illustrate wikicode for bold text)
  • Template:````` — for five apostrophes (to illustrate wikicode for bold-italics)
Note: All of these templates use acute-accent characters in their name instead of apostrophes.
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