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I updated this section with a quick summary, but am not opposed to someone changing or rewriting it completly!

We may want to add headings and separate this into sections

-Why beliefs are important
-Examples of harm

Our understanding of reality guide us in our lives, how we plan them, how we LIVE them.

Recently, a small society of persons, guided by how they think, armed with box cutting knives, hijacked 4 jet airliners and committed a crime against humanity on the 9th of September 2001.

How we think is important, as ideas have consequences.

So if there is indeed a omnimalevolent deity who created the universe as an entertainment to enjoy watching us suffer, we should figure this out and conspire to do acts of revolt against it, knowing all the while that no good deed shall go unpunished, for this is how the universe was built.

Should we determine that the deity is off and gone, non interventionary, and now the universe is created we are on our own, we should cease to expect event by event intervention and deal with the situation at hand on our own, and learn to get good at it.

THIS is why we need to determine truth. And while we need free thought to do this, this does not equate to or justify an immunity to rational criticism of our thoughts. -Deliberatus Freeman

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