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in a recent debate with a christian:
"How do we know Jesus existed? Because Christianity exists, if He didn´t exist it seems ridiculous that people like Peter and the other apostles :would talk about and die for someone who didn´t exist. The writings of Tacitus also seem to confirm the existence of a man called Jesus."
can someone build this page up with apologetics and counter apologetics?
This is going to sound rude, but it's not meant to be. Is there a reason you couldn't do it? If you're worried about formatting, you can look at other pages and see how they do it. I hadn't done any real wiki editing before I got here. If you don't know the topic, then you can research it, and work at the page, little by little if needed. It's a great opportunity to learn. I don't always know the topics of the pages I work on before I came across them. I understand that time can be a limiting factor, but you don't have to do it all at once.
--jt 11:47, 7 March 2011 (CST)
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