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Introduction Content

Matt, I like the new information about what "Iron Chariots" means, but I respectfully suggest that it should be displaced to Iron Chariots:Introduction. My thinking is that the front page should be relatively clean, and new readers should not be required to look at a whole bunch of explanatory text unless they they want to.

I'll wait for your approval or objection before I take this step, or you can do it yourself.

Kazim 15:38, 20 June 2006 (MST)

I was thinking about this earlier and I'm definitely in agreement. You can move all of this to the "about" page (or info, or whatever).
What I would like to do, is modify the main page so that it remains clean - but is more consistent with other wiki sites (like wikipedia). A quick welcome, some highlighted information and places to start.
- Matt

Wiki meta-stuff

I'm removing this meta-information from the main page:

"Getting started"

Kazim 05:29, 15 June 2006 (MST)

Main page: Logo and Design

I will submit a draft of a large logo suitable for display on the front page soon, I am gathering source material for it. I was wondering if anyone could send me a large (1000px +) version of the current iron chariots graphic, just for reference. Thanks.


I don't have an image that size. The original image is a small photograph of a statue which I modified (a little) in Photoshop. It was always meant to be a placeholder until I (or someone else) got around to making real logos for the site. It isn't essential to the design. In fact, I'm pretty open to suggestions on logos and even (minor) color scheme changes. I've got the original image on my machine at work, but I'm pretty sure that this page has the original image. Sans Deity 21:32, 25 August 2006 (MST)
Thank you, that's perfect! All I needed was something good to base a logo on.FredContreras

Logo Draft 1

Iron Chariots Logo

Ok, here is a very prelim version based on the image you supplied. Let me know if this is ok. I'll keep working on it and post revisions as I create them.

I wonder maybe I should create some tagline graphics too, that you can mix and match with the logo? FredContreras

I think you're off to a great start...I'm looking forward to seeing more. Sans Deity 12:18, 27 August 2006 (MST)
Yeah, looks good... quick request, can you get the reins back in there? It looks weird for the charioteer to have his arms out and not obviously controlling the horses.
Since we're doing a customized image, I wonder if some sort of subtle religious symbolism might be work somewhere in there? I'm not sure what I'm thinking of... a Bible being trampled was what came to mind, but I think that is more aggressive than it should be. --Kazim 06:51, 28 August 2006 (MST)
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