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I'm not sure that all christians believe that jesus is god. I think that some view the 3 in the trinity to be parts of the same being, but others view the 3 as distinct beings. I'm not really sure about that, so I didn't want to edit the page. But the part about him going to heaven to be with god, his father, (who is also himself) only appies to the belief of some christians, not all (if I'm right). So maybe there should be something there that specifies that the part of this argument that points out that jesus is god only applies to the christians who believe jesus and god are the same?

In general, we don't mean to imply that every usage of "Christians" necessarily means "all Christians". It's worth making the points you mentioned, though perhaps not in this article. This entry addresses a particular claim "Jesus died for your sins" and only addresses the question of divinity as one possible apologetic. For doctrinal assertions like this, we try to list a variety of counter-apologetics. Not all of them will be relevant to all interpretations or theologies, but they should all be relevant to some view. The issue of Jesus' divinity is one that should be addressed (it's worth noting that not all people who identify as Christians accept the notion of the trinity or the idea that Jesus was divine) - I'm just not sure that it's relevant to this point. Feel free to add it here (or in a more relevant article), someone can always go back and edit for clarity or relevance later. :) Sans Deity 11:59, 7 March 2007 (CST)

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