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Claims are a definition

This argument is hypocritical. One cannot both state that a god cannot be defined, and then go on to define him by making claims about his nature, his desires, and his acts. Making a claim IS defining him.

And defining one aspect of a god (by making claims about him) can have an impact on other aspects. For example, if one claims that Yahweh ordered the slaughter the Amalekites, that says something about the nature of Yahweh. One cannot make such a claim and then hide behind the "god can't be defined" argument when questioned about other aspects of his personality and morality directly related to the issuance of such an order.

And if what can be known is simply limited in scope, then it is not an argument against what is actually being asked. Not all aspects of a god need be defined. What ought to be asked of a theist is not for a definition of everything, but for a definition of those aspects of the god related to the things being claimed about him.--Jaban 01:27, 27 May 2010 (CDT)

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