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This topic frustrates me. I'm trying to find the most succinct and efficient way of explaining why atheism can't cause anything. It's an ongoing process, and all I can do it seems is come up with oddball analogies. It's a subtle topic, and easily confusing, but there must be something solid to ground the discussion in.

I more than welcome others' attempts to refine my thoughts here to something more lucid.

Is not preventing a cause, a cause? How could not doing something be a cause?

-- Jt 15:20, 22 June 2011 (CDT)

Reply to previous user: first of all, we need to make one point clear: atheism by itself is NOT a cause for being bad, NOR lack of a cause (which many assume to be a flavor of religion) to be good, especially that "believing in absurdities can make you commit atrocities" (i think this is a Voltaire quote) aka many would self-righteously commit monstrosities motivated by the doctrines of a religion. After that, we need to realize things are not always black and white: for instance, a cop force whose job is to apprehend criminals but instead feasts on donuts while the crooks run amok, while their laziness didn't necessarily cause the first crime wave, it is their fault things are not improving (they are even going worse) since it is their JOB to make sure things do not run down the hill. However, telling a random bystander it was their fault a woman the other side of the city got killed in a fire cause they were not there to do anything to prevent her death is silly, because: 1 - They may not even know about the accident and the victim. 2 - They are not trained to properly handle those situations like firefighters. 3 - One must not mistake being heroic with being foolish, saving a victim from a burning house is not an easy and safe task; while good people stick for each other, they also need to think about self-preservation; That's not immoral selfishness, that's simply common sense and part of being a sentient being. Also, maybe dashing in the burning building is not the best way they can help, maybe they could just ring the alarm, call the firefighters, open the fire hydrant... So as you see, it is best not to generalize everything Imadmagician 07:33, 26 May 2015 (CDT)
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