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I have yet to spot a section that refers to god(s) that can be demonstrated to exist now, let alone to have existed in the past, vis:

  • Sol (the sun)
  • Prince Phillip
  • The Emperor of Nihon

...etc, and so-on.

In my mind, to omit these gods, who clearly exist, is a failing in the atheist argument that needs to be addressed.

Other Gods

If there are such arguments demonstrating te existence of those specific gods, then let us know, so we can dissect them. However, a very little amount of people do believe in these gods and a demonstration of their non-existence would be unnecessary; anyway, we do have arguments against the existence of all possible gods. You can spot these arguments in the atheology center, "arguments against the existence of God".--wissam hemadeh 04:25, 10 May 2010 (CDT)

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