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14:07, 5 August 2015Scientology free stress test.jpg (file)172 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Scientologist conning naive woman, Tottenham Court Road by Cory Doctorow Source: License: )1
14:01, 5 August 2015Scientology protest.jpg (file)416 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Scientology Protest by Dale Harvey Source: License:
13:48, 5 August 2015L. Ron Hubbard in 1950.jpg (file)106 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Published in: Los Angeles Daily News, 1950 License: Public domain (copyright not renewed)
16:53, 27 July 2015JW Literature.jpg (file)140 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo "Project 365 #279: 061013 A Little Light Reading" by [ Pete] Source: License:
14:41, 12 July 2015RationalWiki Logo.png (file)5 KBJack (RationalWiki logo)1
16:12, 5 July 2015Dosso Dossi 022Mod.jpg (file)67 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Upper section from painting ''The Ascension'', by Dosso Dossi, 16th century. Source: License:
16:04, 5 July 2015Golden Jesus.jpg (file)403 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo ''Golden Jesus'' by Tim Samoff Source: License: {{Bible|Exodus 20:4-6}} )1
15:34, 5 July 2015Hell-fresco-from-Raduil.jpg (file)159 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo ''А fresco detail of Hell from the medieval church St. Nicolas in Raduil village, Bulgaria'' by Edal Anton Lefterov Source: License:
05:57, 20 June 2015ADN animation.gif (file)982 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Diagram: The structure of part of a DNA double helix by [ brian0918™] Source: License: Public domain)1
15:10, 19 June 2015Talkorigins-logo.jpg (file)32 KBTim Sheerman-Chase 1
17:36, 17 June 2015Mama Coyote.jpg (file)577 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Mama Coyote by lacomj Source: License:
16:52, 10 June 2015AC Grayling.jpg (file)30 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Ian Scott, ''AC Grayling at the Edinburgh Book Festival, August 2011'' Source: License:
16:06, 10 June 2015Honor societies.png (file)26 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Crop image to the interesting part)2
14:09, 8 June 2015Xkcd formal logic.png (file)16 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Source: License:
17:57, 4 June 2015Christianity Branches.png (file)49 KBTim Sheerman-Chase 3
14:57, 3 June 2015Major denominational groups and heresies within Christianity.png (file)68 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Own work based on [ ChristianityBranches.svg] by [ Stevertigo] and others [ CC-BY-SA], )1
12:52, 2 June 2015CompositeJesus.JPG (file)38 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (There are now "as many portraits of the historical Jesus as there are scholarly painters" Source: License: Public Domain)1
03:30, 2 June 2015Paul, Arian Baptistry.jpg (file)118 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Uploaded wrong apostle! Now correct I think.)1
04:23, 23 May 2015Temple Garment.jpg (file)34 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Post-1979 two-piece temple garments end just above the knee for both sexes. * Source: * License:
03:45, 23 May 2015Mormon missionaries.jpg (file)489 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Wally Walker, ''DSCN5838 Mormon missionaries el Pantanal, Granada, Nicaragua'' * Source: * License:
16:11, 20 May 2015Forbidden fruit.jpg (file)57 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Fresco by Michelangelo. The Downfall of Adam and Eve and their Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Sistine Chapel. *Source: *License: Public domain)1
07:07, 20 May 2015John Calvin.png (file)1.27 MBTim Sheerman-Chase (John Calvin by Holbein * Source: * License: Public domain)1
07:00, 20 May 2015Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz.jpg (file)38 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Portrait by Christoph Bernhard Francke of Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716), German philosopher * Source: * License: Public domain)1
06:52, 20 May 2015Van Gogh Sunflowers.jpg (file)194 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Vincent Willem van Gogh 127 *Source: *License: Public domain)1
06:09, 20 May 2015FeedingMultitudes Bernardo.jpg (file)46 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (''Feeding the multitudes'' by Bernardo Strozzi, early 17th century. *Source: *License: Public domain)1
05:47, 20 May 2015Darrel Ray.jpg (file)54 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Dan Dascalescu of Darrel Ray, speaker at the San Francisco Atheists October 2009 Meeting (book launch: "The God Virus: How Religion Infects our Lives and Culture") *Source: *License: http://cr)1
05:41, 20 May 2015George Carlin.jpg (file)87 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Bonnie from Kendall Park, NJ, USA - ''Jesus is Coming.. Look Busy'' * Source: * License: )1
02:16, 20 May 2015Martin Luther.jpg (file)46 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Some digital retouching done. *Source: *License: Public domain)1
02:06, 20 May 2015Augustine of Hippo.jpg (file)37 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (The earliest portrait of Saint Augustine in a 6th century fresco, Lateran, Rome. * Source: * License: Public domain)1
01:52, 20 May 2015Tsunami damage.jpg (file)580 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by DFID - UK Department for International Development * Source: * License:
01:36, 20 May 2015Alvin Plantinga.JPG (file)115 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Jonathunder * Source: * License:
01:28, 20 May 2015Richard Swinburne.jpg (file)84 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Ziel, ''Richard Swinburne in Vrin Bookshop in Paris / à la Librairie Vrin à Paris'' *Source: *License:
01:13, 20 May 2015Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg (file)202 KBTim Sheerman-Chase ("The Blue Marble" is a famous photograph of the Earth taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft en route to the Moon at a distance of about 29,000 kilometres (18,000 mi). It shows Africa, Antarctica, and the Arabian Peninsula. *So)1
00:23, 20 May 2015Carl Sagan.JPG (file)116 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Crop from photo Original: Crop: License: Public domain)1
00:07, 20 May 2015Daniel Dennett.jpg (file)107 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Dmitry Rozhkov *Source: *License:
00:02, 20 May 2015Christopher Hitchens.jpg (file)97 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Crop of photo by José Ramírez Original: Cropped: License:
23:54, 19 May 2015Richard Dawkins.jpg (file)168 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by David Shankbone *Source: *License:
23:51, 19 May 2015Sam Harris.jpg (file)53 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo of Sam Harris *Source: *License:
23:32, 19 May 2015Prayer.jpg (file)372 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Connor Tarter, ''Prayer #2'' * Source: * License:
23:26, 19 May 2015Anselm-CanterburyVit.jpg (file)96 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (St. Anselm of Canterbury in an English glass window of 19th cent. * Source: * License: Public domain)1
23:22, 19 May 2015René Descartes.jpg (file)94 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (After Frans Hals (1582/1583–1666) * Source: * License: Public domain)1
23:14, 19 May 2015Thomas Aquinas.jpg (file)136 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (by Carlo Crivelli * Source: * License: Public domain)1
23:10, 19 May 2015William Lane Craig.jpg (file)83 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo from Reasonable Faith Press Kit Source: License:
23:06, 19 May 2015IsaacNewton-1689.jpg (file)198 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Painting by Sir Godfrey Kneller *Source: *License: Public domain)1
23:02, 19 May 2015Douglas adams portrait cropped.jpg (file)32 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (* Derived photo by Beao: * Original photo by michael hughes: * License:
22:54, 19 May 2015It's Turtles All The Way Down.jpg (file)410 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by William Warby, ''It's Turtles All The Way Down'' * Source: * License:
22:46, 19 May 2015Aircraft Junkyard.jpg (file)121 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Photo by Ian Abbott, ''N7055A: View from aft fuselage'' * Source: * License:
22:31, 19 May 2015David Hume.jpg (file)132 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (David Hume by Allan Ramsay, 1766 * Source:,_1711_-_1776._Historian_and_philosopher_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg * License: Public Domain)1
22:26, 19 May 2015Nietzsche187a.jpg (file)120 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Friedrich Nietzsche (circa 1875) *Source: *License: Public domain )1
22:21, 19 May 2015Epicurus bust2.jpg (file)86 KBTim Sheerman-Chase (Original uploader was Interstate295revisited at en.wikipedia * Source: * License: Released into the public domain (by the author).)1

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