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The soul is an immmaterial spirit that many religions claim reside in a human's body. The soul is responsible for the consciousness. In Christianity the soul goes to heaven or hell after you die.


  1. Nobody knows how the soul interacts with the body. Since it's immaterial, physical things cannot influence it, yet it somehow communicates with the brain and vice versa.
  1. The idea of a soul raises many questions about relativity. If the soul doesn't occupy our universe, then it shouldn't experience time. Since we do feel time, it cannot be immaterial. Since it occupies our universe, this raises many questions about what it's made of. Is it made up of the basic particles that all matter is made of? If it's an entirely different type of particle, what's it's mass? Is it influenced by the four fundamentaal forces? What's it's charge? How does it manage to hold your consciousness. None of these questions have ever been answered, so to use the soul to explain something, you are using a term that isn't defined.
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