Satan is trying to trick you with dinosaur bones

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"Satan is trying to destroy your faith by placing dinosaur bones in the ground to contradict the Bible."


  • It's begging the question, assuming atheists haven't already "thought for themselves", and examined the evidence.
  • It's begging the question additionally, assuming there's a god to "test" us, at all.
  • The claim is not falsifiable, and thus cannot be considered within a scientific context.
  • It's in violation of Occam's Razor, in that the simpler explanation is that dinosaurs died and fossilized, without an additional agents and motivations.
  • It's accusing atheists of engaging in the argument from authority. Accepting the claims is based from evidence and skepticism, not because "experts" said so.
  • Given a choice between evidence and logic-based claims by experts, and no-evidence and illogical-based claims from religious sources, it's a far better choice to go with the evidence.

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