Satan is trying to trick you with dinosaur bones

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"Satan is trying to destroy your faith by placing dinosaur bones in the ground to contradict the Bible."


  • It's begging the question, assuming that there is a Satan to trick us.
  • The claim is not falsifiable, and thus cannot be considered within a scientific context.
  • It's in violation of Occam's Razor, in that the simpler explanation is that dinosaurs died and fossilized, without an additional agents and motivations.
  • There is no evidence for the claim and one might as well say that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is trying to trick them with the Bible.
  • Dinosaur bones existed prior to an understanding of fossils, and presumably prior to the time the Bible was written. Prior to knowledge of extinctions, misunderstood fossils helped support Biblical stories, such as mistakenly interpreting partial fossil evidence to be bones of giant people.
  • Most fossils are not of creatures generally considered remarkable. Did Satan take the time to fossilize ordinary clams? If so, why would God allow the radical alterations to the planet's surface necessary to account for large fossil beds, and wouldn't that make Satan co-creator of the earth? Did Satan just fake dinosaur bones? If so, it does nothing to attack evolution in general.

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