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[[Category:Atheists|Dawkins, Richard]]
[[Category:Atheists|Dawkins, Richard]]
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[[Category:Scientists|Dawkins, Richard]]

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Richard Dawkins is a British zoologist, currently holding the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He is also a very outspoken atheist.

Amongst his popular published output on zoology, biology and evolution his latest work The God Delusion is concerned primarily with religion, belief and the effects it has, and has had, on society, and why such should be considered anathema to those who value life.

Dawkins' opinions on the various aspects of religion have been seen by some to be quite agressive, and he is famous for opining that bringing children up in a religious environment is tantamount to child abuse, and for comparing religion to a meme, or mind virus.

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