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Revelation, in a religious context, is when God or a Higher Power reveals his word to mankind. Thus, the Bible is considered a revelation.

Though revelations are the basis for much of Christianity, many modern Christians will doubt anyone who claims to have seen God. This disparity between modern beliefs and the roots of Christianity can be useful in a debate.

Forms of Revelation

The Bible is generally considered, by Christians, to be God's main form of revelation to mankind. But Christians also believe that Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit were means by which God the Father revealed Himself to man. Theologian Alister McGrath writes, “The Father speaks and acts in the Son…God is revealed in and by Jesus”.[1] Many Christians also believe in General Revelation, which is the idea that God reveals Himself through nature, the created world. This theory is backed up by the Bible, which says, "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands".[2]

Satanic verses

Muhammad had an early revelation that said polytheism was true. This was probably motivated by political expediency. He later claimed they were inspired by Satan and are therefore referred to as the Satanic verses. They were expunged from the Qur'an. [3] This does raise the possibility that any other religious revelation might have been inspired by Satan.


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