Religion is another way of knowing

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Stating "religion is another way of knowing" is an appeal to an egalitarian impulse for equity. It constitutes an argument by pathos. It also constitutes a support of relativism.

This argument claims the God of the gaps argument is true, and that they know that it is true. The argument is a God of the gaps argument because they say that god did everything, and they know it. This is odd as it is commonly raised that you can't know everything by both sides.

Consulting a Magic 8-Ball is also another way of knowing. The question arises, "How do you know the knowledge is true?" Using the word "knowledge" can imply that the data is true by definition, however, this isn't the case. One can read the Harry Potter books, and gain knowledge about Harry Potter and the world about which the books are written, but it's not true. We understand it's fiction, despite having knowledge about it.

Science purposely has mechanisms and procedures to verify and confirm collected knowledge, whereas religion does not. Religion makes claims to knowledge, and sticks to those claims no matter what.

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