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The part of the world that doesn't go away when you stop believing in it.

  • How do we define belief and believing? If
    • A: Belief is a form of reason and reason denotes structure, then belief equals our awareness of the world through a structured combination of sensory imput.
      • AA: Then the structure with the highest amount of order and inner coherence would be the most true. All closed logical speculations have a higher amount of truth then open and random speculations.
        • AB: If in theory no human mind can exist inside a closed logical mode, then all logical speculations must be inherently open, and open to random speculations. And the validity of these random speculations would only be laid down by the structured and organised mind mimicking a closed logical speculation system (dogma), then believe is always dogma and freedom is inclusion of all forms even if they contradict eachother.
    • B: Belief is a lack of reason and would not denote structure but rather randomness projected on a structured consciousness.
      • BB: This would define all believe as raw sensory input and lead back to point A.

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