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Ray Comfort
Not Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is that Australian guy from The Way of the Master who looks like the Soup Nazi.

But all joking aside, Ray Comfort is a Christian Apologist who co-hosts The Way of the Master radio show.


His Favorite Arguments

Ray comfort has appeard on many a freethinking radio show, with a couple of arguments in common.

The Watchmaker Argument

He will usually be heard to say something along the lines of "If I see a watch it must have been made by a watchmaker, loaf of bread by a baker, a buidling by an engineer, a creation by a creator."

See Argument from design for more details.

The Banana Argument

Untill recently, the Banana argument was, according to Comfort, "the Athiest's Worst Nightmare". However, he conceded the argument on the Hellbound Alleee show.

See Argument from design for more details.

Are you a good person?

This argument uses the Appeal to emotion. He asks the atheist or unbeliever a set of questions.

1) Have you ever lied?
2) Have you ever stolen anything, regardless of its value?
3) Have you ever looked at a women with lust?
4) Have you ever hated somebody?

Chances are, if the person was honest, they would have answerd yes to all of the above.

"So, by your own admition, you are a lying, theiving, adulterous, murderer at heart, and when Jesus comes again on judgement day, how do you think he's going to treat you? He'll send you to hell."

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