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Template:WP-nameQ is a fictional being who first appeared on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The character was played by John de Lancie.

Q is one of the Q Continuum, a race of omnipotent, immortal and omniscient hyperintelligent godlike beings. Thus, members of Q Continuum have powers that make them essentially God-like; however, they also have human-like emotions and conflicting goals. In this sense, they are more like Greek gods than Yahweh. However, sometimes Q is useful in philosophical discussions that touch on the question of whether God could exist and not be omnibenevolent.

De Lancie's character in particular is vain, rude, and a trickster. He derives amusement from setting out arbitrary challenges for human characters and threatening them with severe, often genocidal consequences if they should fail.

In addition to The Next Generation, Q also made appearances in a few episodes of other Star Trek series: Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

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