Problem of non-God objects

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Justin Schieber of the * Reasonable Doubts Podcast has developed an argument called "The Problem of Non-God Objects". It's most recent form can be found below.

Note: The term ‘GodWorld’ refers to that possible world where God never actually creates anything. This argument takes for granted that God’s initial act of creating the universe (or any non-God object) was a free act and not born out of necessity.

P1: If the Christian God exists, then GodWorld is the unique best possible world.

P2: If Godworld is the unique best possible world, then the Christian God would maintain GodWorld.

P3: GodWorld is false because the Universe (or any non-God object) exists.

-Therefore, the Christian God, as so defined, does not exist.


Because the Christian God is to be understood as a maximally great being – he must be absolutely and essentially perfect both morally and ontologically.

What is meant by ontological perfection?

There are things called ‘great-making properties’ – things like power, being loving, having knowledge etc. And God, if he exists, has these properties to their respective maximally possible degrees. The words of Christian philosopher, J.P. Moreland can shed some light on this…

”To say that God is perfect means that there is no possible world where he has his attributes to a greater degree… God is not the most loving being that happens to exist, he is the most loving being that could possibly exist so that God’s possessing the attribute of being loving is to a degree such that it is impossible for him to have it to a greater degree.”

So the question being pressed by the argument is, If the Christian God were to exist, could he possibly have motivating reasons to intentionally create a universe? I argue no.

If God exists, he is the best possible being – meaning he has those great-making properties to their maximal possible degrees and no such properties to any lessor degree. A world composed entirely of the single best possible being existing alone for eternity would be a world composed entirely of all those great-making properties to their maximal possible degrees and no such properties to any lessor degree – Now, unless there is some source of unique Goodness – Goodness that exists outside of and fully independent of God then GodWorld must be the unique best possible world. It is the richest and, quite literally, the godliest of all possible worlds and since no other world can compare, it is the unique best possible world – one that God, if he is maximally great, would certainly maintain. The empirical fact that there are things that exists that are not identical to God show us that the possible world of GodWorld was not maintained. The state of affairs was not maintained (since things like evil, suffering, and other "anti-great making" properties were deliberately introduced, which worsened the state of affairs.) And so the Christian God does not exist.

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