Pol Pot was an atheist

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Yes, it is true that Pol Pot was an atheist, but that did not make him a bad person, or influence him to make bad decisions. Atheism is only the disbelief in God, not the belief in any dogma or rules. This means that Atheism is not a reason to kill, not for Pol Pot nor anyone. He can justifiably be accused of being a terrible human being, but his atheism, as a simple lack of belief, cannot be blamed for it.

Reply: There is no way to exclude the fact that Atheism, or any belief, attributes certain mind sets that affect decisions; Pol Pot is no exception to this rule. His decisions were not induced out of thin air; instead, Pol Pot’s background and beliefs influenced his choices and actions. So atheism had a part to play in his conduct, but it would be incorrect to assume that atheism is the sole reason why Pol Pot became a mass murderer! There are too many subjective factors to his actions to come to a clear conclusion about this fact.

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