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==external links==
==external links==
*[ point of inquiry's] article about him
*[ point of inquiry's article about him]
*[ a blog post on LaVeyian satanism]
*[ a blog post on LaVeyian satanism]

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Peter H. Gilmore is the administrator of the church of satan, and has been on shows such as The History Channel, The Sci-Fi Channel, and Point of Inquiry, which refers to him as the high priest of the church of satan. He is a LaVeyian satanist, thus he is an atheist as well. He attempts to popularize atheism, and has pointed out that secular humanism is much like satanism, when they are actually in fact almost antithesis's of one another.


Gilmore writes(and has written since 1989) a journal called "the black flame". In 2005 he also wrote an introduction the the satanic bible, which was intended for the teenage crowd. In 2005 his essay on satanism was also published in the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, under LaVeyian/non theistic satanism.

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