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Paul the Apostle, mosaic from the end of 5th Century
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Paul the Apostle, generally refers to Saint Paul, also called Paul of Tarsus or Saul of Tarsus. Paul is perhaps the most significant figure in the early church. It is arguable that Christianity largely originates from Paul's interpretation of Jesus. [1]

There is no historical evidence of Paul ever existing, except for the account given in the Bible. According to tradition and the Acts of the Apostles he started off as Saul and persecuted the Christians but experienced a vision or hallucination on the road to Damascus. After that he converted to Christianity and changed his name to Paul. He never met Jesus in person. Paul became a Christian missionary and wrote many epistles included in the New Testament. However, it is likely that Paul did not write all the epistles attributed to him. [2]



Paul is thought to have authored the following chapters:

The other chapters are thought to be pseudepigraphical (falsely attributed) by many or most scholars: [3]

Differences with the teachings of Jesus

Main Article: Differences between the Gospels and the epistles

Paul's interpretation of Jesus's live is very influential but Paul's teachings possibly conflict with, are fundamentally different to [4], or even corrupt the teachings of Jesus. Although the teachings of Paul are accepted by most Christians, Paul has been subjected to severe criticism by a minority of Christians who accept the gospels but reject the rest of the New Testament.

"Paul was the [...] first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus"

— Thomas Jefferson [5]


Paul was influential in many areas of Christian thought, including:


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