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Patricia Pulling is a crusader against the game Dungeons and Dragons. A licensed private Investigator, she is the founder of Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons and the author of The Devil’s Web. She has been hired as an expert in gaming for murder trials in Missouri, Oklahoma and North Carolina. She has appeared on 60 Minutes, Geraldo and on numerous radio programs, like the nationally syndicated "Jim Bohannon Show."

Pulling's son, Irving (nicknamed "Bink"), committed suicide Pulling formed the organization after her son Irving (known as Bink, a nickname he allegedly hated) committed suicide on June 9, 1982. Irving was an active D&D player, and she believed his suicide was directly related to the game. The grieving mother first filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her son's high school principal, Robert A. Bracey III, holding him as responsible for what she claimed was a Dungeons & Dragons curse placed upon her son shortly before his death. She also filed suit against TSR, Inc., D&D's publishers.

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