Operations of logic

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article:

The three simplest operations of logic are:

  • negation — "not"
  • conjunction — "and"
  • disjunction — "or"

Other operations that can be expressed in terms of the first three include:

  • implication — "implies" or "if... then"
  • equivalence — "if and only if"
  • exclusive disjunction — "either... or... but not both"

There are several others; see Wikipedia:Logical connective for more information.

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Three classic laws   Law of identity · Law of noncontradiction · Law of the excluded middle
Logical constructions   Antecedent · Consequent · Premise · Conclusion · Dichotomy
Logical operators   Negation (not) · Conjunction (and) · Disjunction (or) · Material implication (if then) · Biconditional (if and only if)
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