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The "No Reason" argument states that a perfect god would have no desire to create the universe since the very state of perfection carries with it the implication that one has everything one needs or wants. Thus, the Christian god is the "perfect" victim of this argument.

The Amoral God Paradox can be expressed like this:

1. Raising a volitional being’s metaphysical power will generally raise the scope and potentiality of its actions.

2. Raising a volitional being’s metaphysical power will generally lower its need to act, and therefore its moral scope.

Or even simpler, the higher the metaphysical power, the more powerful its moral choices are, but the least it needs or desires to make those choices.

The argument could be constructed like this:

1. If divine creation is true, then the universe was created by a non-limited god.

2. A god cannot have any internal motivating factor, including need, desire, ignorance, or emotion.

3. If divine creation is true, then there was no cause outside of a god before Creation.

4. If divine creation is true, then a god was not subject to exterior causes before Creation. (from 3)

5. A god before Creation cannot have any internal or exterior motivating factors. (from 2 and 4)

6. A god would never act, and divine creation cannot be true. (from 5)

(the imposition of any motivating factor on God contradicts the idea of a god’s nature being unlimited)

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