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A mythical creature is a fictional living thing, usually an animal or animal-like organism, that exists only in mythology or folklore. Sometimes these creatures have magical powers, sometimes not.

Examples of (mostly) non-religious, mythical creatures include:

Because most theists agree that non-religious mythical creatures do not really exist, they often serve as good substitutes for God (or angels, etc.) in counter-apologetics, either to show the weakness of a theist's argument, or to show the reasonableness of a corresponding counter-argument — especially in the context of the reasonableness of belief without evidence, or the nature of burden of proof when applied to issues of existence.


  • Atheist: "Do you believe in leprechauns?"
  • Theist: "No."
  • Atheist: "Why not?"
  • Theist: "Because they obviously don't exist."
  • Atheist: "Prove it."
  • Theist: "I don't have to! No one really believes in leprechauns."
  • Aheist: "Do you have evidence that they don't exist?"
  • Theist: "No, but you don't have evidence that they do."
  • Aheist: "You're right. But why not believe in them anyway, since we don't have good evidence either way?"
  • (and so forth...)
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