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Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with "malice aforethought." [1] Cases involving multiple murders may be known as any of the following:

  • mass murder
  • serial murder (or, more informally, killing sprees)
  • genocide

Murder in the Bible

The supposed "first murder" occurs in Genesis 4 Bible-icon.png, in which Cain slays his brother Abel and is cursed by God for doing so.

Believers tend not to ascribe the term murder to the many killings committed by God in the Bible.

External link

  • Who has killed more - Satan or God? - The atheist blog Dwindling in Unbelief analyzes the numbers of deaths attributed to both God and Satan in the Bible, and finds that God comes out way on top: 2,270,365 to 10. (The point spread is really much wider, however, since Satan had God's help for his 10, and mass deaths with no reported numbers, such as the Great Flood, are not factored in.)
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