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Matthew LaClair is a graduating high school senior in Kearny High School, New Jersey, who brought church-state issues at his school to national attention.

School proselytisation

In the fall of 2006, LaClair began recording his history teacher, David Paszkiewicz, in class. The teacher was making religious comments, stating that evolution and the big bang were false, all biblical prophecies had come true, and anyone who did not believe in Jesus Christ would go to hell.

LaClair and his parents reached a settlement with the School Board in May of 2007.

Textbook controversy

In March 2008, LaClair questioned the use of the textbook American Government by conservatives James Wilson and John Dilulio. He was concerned about the way the text addressed the issues of church-state separation and global warming.

LaClair has joined the Board of Directors of the Secular Student Alliance.

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