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'''Matthew''' was an [[apostle]] of [[Jesus]] in the [[Bible]] to whom one of the [[gospel]]s is attributed.
==The man==
'''Matthew''' can refer to:
{{wikipedia|Matthew the Evangelist}}
* '''[[Matthew the evangelist]]''', one of the [[apostle]]s of [[Jesus]].
In the [[New Testament]], '''Matthew the Evangelist''', or '''St. Matthew''', is introduced as a tax collector from the town of [[Wikipedia:Capernaum|Capernaum]] on the shores of [[Wikipedia:Sea of Galilee|Galilee]]. He is called '''Levi''' in {{bible|Luke 5:27}} and in {{bible|Mark 2:14}}. He became one of Jesus's twelve apostles.
* The '''[[Book of Matthew]]''', one of the four [[gospel]]s of the [[New Testament]].
==The book==
{{wikipedia|Gospel of Matthew}}
The '''Gospel of Matthew''' is the first (traditionally) of the four gospels of New Testament. Historians generally agree that it was written between 70 and 100 A.D.

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Matthew can refer to:

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