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Love is an entirely baffling concept to most people. Most people, although they may have felt it, are at a complete loss when asked to describe it.

According to Grant Naylor "Love is a device invented by bank managers to make you overdrawn."

Medically and scientifically speaking, love and lust are devices that serve the genetic impulse to procreate and nurture children. Lust drives you to mate, and love drives you to stay with the person with whom that you have mated.

The evolutionary upshot of which is that a couple will stick together while their new-born infant is incapable of looking after itself.

The process by which the mind loves another is a complex chemical cocktail of endorphines that acts as a reward mechanism for spending time with your loved one or offspring. The reward mechanism fills the lovers with a profound sense of peace and contentment. This essentially becomes an addiction, which is understandable.


Religion and Love

Many Christians claim that love only comes from the God or the soul. However, love is explainable in terms of the natural processes of biology, particularly the field of evolutionary psychology.

There are essentially three kinds of love: love of family, romantic love, and friendship. The first ultimately comes from an instinct to preserve genes. The second comes from procreation instincts. The third is essentially a social pact that confers survival advantages.

Can you prove that love exists?

Sometimes love is also used as an analogy to demonstrate that it is rational to believe in things without evidence.

But, doesn't this make love a mundane part of science?

Many will tell you that that isn't the case. The fact that we know how love works does not make it any less an excellent feeling.

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