Life just exploded from nothing

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The idea that life just exploded from nothing is a bizarre mixture of mischaracterizations of the Big Bang and abiogenesis.

Besides ignorance of the aforementioned topics, this strawman also uses the fallacious accusation that atheists believe that everything is an accident in an attempt to make atheists seem silly or misguided.


  • The Big Bang doesn't make any assertions about what came "before" it, whether it was "nothing" or "something". It describes everything we know up to shortly (a very small fraction of a second) after the "bang".
  • Various abiogenesis theories tend to stipulate that life emerged from already present materials and chemicals.
  • Even if scientists were making this claim, the theist is also left with the same problem: where did their god come from? At least science has evidence to back up its claims. According to the Call to Proof Christians too are obliged to offer conclusive proof backing their beliefs.
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