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Liberapedia is a small wiki that combines political liberalism with freethought and some humour. The people there try to help users learn more in an entertaining way.

A great deal of what is written in Liberapedia is political and written from a Liberal or Social Democrat point of view but there are also articles about freethought and the trouble with religious fundamentalism. There is plenty of material critical of Conservapedia as Liberapedia was originally set up to parody Conservapedia. Quite a number of Liberapedia articles include parody and most of those have templates pointing out that what is there should not be taken entirely seriously.

There are general articles as well as political material, and a reasonable science section dealing especially with astronomy as several contributors are interested in that subject. After all the ‘pedia in Liberapedia is short for encyclopedia.

Liberapedia is aimed at readers with different levels of education and hopes that a wide range of people including high school student as well as university students and graduates will like to read there.

Liberapedia has a small team so many articles are quite basic but even there often links have been added to websites that cover subjects in more detail. Basically they hope people will read Liberapedia, will like the jokes and will learn a bit as well. Those who agree with the Liberal, Social Democrat viewpoint of the site may like to contribute there.

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