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== Links ==
== Links ==
*Kornelius Novak's website: http://www.jesusfamily-kreuzundquer.de
*Holy Riders MC Germany: http://www.holyriders.de
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[[Category:People]] [[Category:Evangelists]]

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Kornelius "Mondo" Novak is a German evangelist of Romanian origin. He is the founder and former president of the of the Holy Riders MC Chapter Germany, an evangelistical motorcycle club originally founded in Norway.


Kornelius "Mondo" Novak

In his youth Kornelius Novak was a promising bodybuilder and achieved national vice-championship in his category (youth, heavy-weight). He used to work as bouncer for discos in and around Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. A disturbing event caused him to develop a fundamental belief in God: God reportedly prevented a dangerous fight involving knives and brass knuckles.

He studied theology and graduated with a master's degree. He became a pastor like his father Adolf Novak. He worked as pastor in a Baptist church in Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg and worked as a motorcycle missionary.

During his time as president of the Holy Riders MC Chapter Germany he did extensive missionary work among bikers like the Hells Angels MC and could be met on many of the major motorcycle rallies. He was excluded from the club when he tried to restructure the chapter to no longer evangelize among motorcyclists only.

The Holy Riders MC Chapter Germany's big slogan is "TURN OR BURN". Their annual motorcycle rally is named "Turn or Burn Rally", actively promoting Pascal's Wager.

After his exclusion from the Holy Riders MC he founded the Jesus Family, a similar but largely unsuccessful project that was set out to evangelize among all kinds of different subcultures including bikers, prostitutes, drug addicts etc. The Jesus Family no longer exists.

Kornelius Novak wrote a number of evangelistical tracts and pamphlets. His most notable project is the book Kreuz & Quer in der Szene, which has been published in several different languages including German, Norwegian, Czech, and Romanian. He also published a glossy magazine named "Kreuz und Quer" to inform people about his work and – of course – raise funds for his work. The Kreuz-und-Quer-Book and all 10 editions of his magazine can be read on and downloaded from his website.

As of 2011 Kornelius Novak lives in northern Norway where he works as a pastor and missionary. He still is active in other countries like the Czech Republic once in a while.


Kornelius Novak is a hypocrite asshat. Despite of actively promoting self-denial as a major factor in religious life, he used to drive large pick-up trucks, a type of vehicle not very common in Germany, sporting religious slogans painted all over the vehicles. He also owns a large and expensive Harley Davidson E-Glide. Like most evangelistic asshats he gloats about his total obedience to his god and his in-depth knowledge of the Bible being the main reason for his alleged success while ignoring major failures like his exclusion from the Holy Riders MC, the Jesus Family barrel burst and constant problems with breaking down vehicles.

His most disputable statement was that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis executed god's judgement on the Jews as prophesised in Jeremiah 9:16 Bible-icon.png and Ezekiel 5:12 Bible-icon.png. He no longer actively promotes this allegation.


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