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Kirk Cameron is a former child star who used to play Mike Seaver on Growing Pains. He says he used to be a devout atheist, until he asked himself "What if I'm wrong?" Today he is an ardent apologist, appearing in the movie version of Left Behind, and hosting The Way of the Master with Ray Comfort. Kirk is also starring in an upcoming movie Fireproof of which the synopsis being a firefighter (Kirk) starts losing his marriage to his wife and his father suggests turning to God and the bible to try to save the marriage.

The Banana Argument

Cameron is most famous for his banana argument which he heralded as "The Atheists Worst Nightmare". In this scene with Ray Comfort, he takes a banana and demonstrates the properties that show that it is the perfect food created by God for humans. He demonstrates that the peel is non-slip, its ridges fit perfectly to those in human hands for easy gripping, it has a "pop-cap" for easy peeling and is therefore designed by an intelligent designer i.e. God.

What Cameron utterly fails to grasp is the fact that he is demonstrating the properties of a domesticated banana. What that means is the banana we have come to know and love has been selectively bred and manipulated to have those properties. Therefore, all Kirk Cameron succeeded in proving was the fact that he had not researched anything and demonstrated a "theory" which he must have come up with 5 minutes prior to the segment with no basic understanding of what he was saying

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