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(and another, rebutting a claim that: "Without the Bible, logic makes no sense")
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'''Ken Ham''' is a prominent creationist. He runs the website [[Answers In Genesis]], and has recently built a "[[Creation Science Museum]]" in the state of Kentucky.
'''Ken Ham''' is a prominent creationist. He runs the website '''Answers In Genesis''', and has recently built a "'''Creation Science Museum'''" in the state of Kentucky.
==Rebuttals, mocking, vilification, etc.==
==Rebuttals, mocking, vilification, etc.==
*From [[Pharyngula]]:
*From [[Pharyngula]]:
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[[Category:People|Ham, Ken]]
[[Category:Christian apologists|Ham, Ken]]
[[Category:Christian apologists]]

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Ken Ham is a prominent creationist. He runs the website Answers In Genesis, and has recently built a "Creation Science Museum" in the state of Kentucky.

Rebuttals, mocking, vilification, etc.

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