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The FOE ten commandments monument at the Texas state capitol building in Austin.
According to the Tanakh/Old Testament, God gave Abraham a loyalty test: sacrifice your only son. An angel stops it at the last second. God was so impressed he formed a covenant with Abraham and his descendants.

Judaism is the twelfth-largest organized religion. While originating in polytheism, it is one of the first recorded monotheistic faiths and one of the oldest religious traditions still practiced today. It gradually grew out of the Canaanite religion and culture between 1000-5000 BCE, while adopting ideas from surrounding religious such as Egyptian mythology and Zoroastrianism. [1]

The Jewish faith is centered around the worship of their god, Yahweh, as described in the Jewish Bible. The primary holy text is the Tanakh, refer to as the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament by Christians, of which the first five books making up the Pentateuch or Torah. Jews generally believe that God has chosen the Jewish people as a chosen people and have an eternal covenant. Jesus was a Jew and considered himself to be a reformer of Judaism, although Jesus is considered a heretic by mainstream Jews. Inspired by Jesus, Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism that originated in the first century CE.

Jews are largely divided into denominations based on how strongly they follow traditional Jewish law, rather than on theological differences. The main denominations are Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform, in decreasing order of traditionalism.

Jews expect a Messiah to come. The Jewish concept of the Messiah differs from Christianity and Jesus is not considered the Messiah by Jews.

Beliefs and practices


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