Jesus lived a sinless life

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Jesus Christ is said to have lived a sinless life, something only possible if he were divine.


The gospels contain accounts of Jesus committing sins. At the very least, it is not clear that he never committed any sins.

In Luke 19:29-35 Bible-icon.png, Jesus tells his disciples to steal a donkey, which they do. (Mark 11:1-6 Bible-icon.png tells the same story, but notes that the owners let the disciples take the donkey once they found out that it was for Jesus.)

In Matthew 12:46-50 Bible-icon.png, Mark 3:31-35 Bible-icon.png, and Luke 8:19-21 Bible-icon.png, Jesus is preaching to a crowd, when his mother and brothers come looking for him. He denies them, saying, in effect "my followers are my family now."

In Luke 16:1-9 Bible-icon.png, Jesus tells a parable about a manager who encourages his clients to pay his employer less than they owe. He is commended for acting "wisely".

In Luke 12:47-48 Bible-icon.png, Jesus advocates the beating of slaves.

In Matthew 15:4-7 Bible-icon.png and Mark.7:9-13 Bible-icon.png, Jesus advocates the practice of Old Testament law. Specifically the stoning death of disobedient or disrespectful children.

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