Jesus died for your sins

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"Jesus died for your sins" (or "Jesus paid for your sins") is a common appeal to emotion used by Christians when attempting to offer a reason to why one should accept Jesus Christ as their saviour.

This statement is based upon the Christian doctrine that Jesus was sent to Earth by God to take away the sins of the world, and was cruxified, died, resurrected three days later and rose to heaven to be with God, his father (who is also himself).

Counter Apologetics

"God sacrificed himself to himself to save people from an eternal punishment for the 'sins' of people who didn't know any better, but which he knew were going to happen (omnipotence) because he engineered the circumstances in which they would commit sin?"

"Sacrifice? Jesus was cruxified by people who didn't agree with his contemporary blaphemy, knowing that he was a god, was taken off the cross just a few hours later, supposedly died, rose from the dead and is now in heaven? It doesn't sound like much of a sacrifice to me!"

"A better sacrifice would have been if Jesus had died and was suffering in hell right now and for the rest of eternity, for us. That would be a real sacrifice."

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