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Navbox Implementation


Probably one of the most striking things about the new navbox system at this point is the shocking number of red links. Most of this navbox content was created on an offline testbed running mediawiki 1.6.3. I was basically making up the indexes off the top of my head as i went along, so there is a good chance that quite a few of the articles may exist on Iron Chariots under a different names. Whether that means moving the necessary articles or changing the links in the navboxes depends i think on what title best describes the content.

That being said, although it was off the top of my head, i think i've covered most of the major topics and tried to arrange all these issues into the best categorical index i could, and as a result, it seems when you lay it out we're actually missing a quite allot of relevant information and articles. And going through allot of the articles that do exist to included the new navboxes templates, there are a surprising amount of stubs.

I think that as unfortunate as it is that there are so many redlinks, it will end up working to our favour. A wiki is somewhat of an organic collection of information. If its not kept in check, it will grow out of control in all sorts of directions, and we end up with a tonne of pages about small obscure topics, and missing some larger core issues. I think having the redlinks and needed articles in well laid out navigation tables, we'll better know what needs to be done to increase the information and usefulness of the wiki... If that makes sense, I might be rambling here, its getting late. Time for bed me thinks. So anyway, if you have issues about the navboxes drop them here or drop a message on my talk page.--Murphy 09:26, 19 December 2009 (CST)

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