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Here are some comments I have about various entries. Please add your own comments, as desired (remember to sign them). All wikis not commented upon I either didn't know and didn't bother to check, or knew/assumed wouldn't be relevant to our purposes. - dcljr 03:08, 7 September 2006 (CDT)

acronym ($1)
Might be useful. - dcljr
cache ($1)
Google's cache might be useful on occasion, but we can probably just leave links to it in external-link style. - dcljr
commons ($1)
I've suggested the longer, but more precise, prefix WikimediaCommons. (Remember, these site prefixes are completely case-insensitive.) - dcljr
creationmatters ($1)
Hmm. Might be relevant. - dcljr
dejanews ($1)
See Google Groups entry below. This site doesn't exist anymore (not for Usenet posts, anyway). - dcljr
dictionary (*&Form=Dict1&Strategy=*&Query=$1)
Okay, but I prefer Wiktionary or Merriam-Webster personally. Google's "define:" feature might be just as good. - dcljr
disinfopedia ($1)
Maybe?? - dcljr
evowiki ($1)
Definitely relevant (see Wikipedia article), but couldn't bring up site when I tried it. - dcljr
google ($1)
Definitely. - dcljr
googlegroups ($1)
Links to old Usenet posts might be relevant (e.g., for "in the field" examples of arguments/fallacies), but do we really need internal-link style for such links? - dcljr
imdb ($1)
Sure, but maybe we should distinguish between, say, imdbTitle and imdbName. - dcljr
jargonfile ($1)
Maybe. - dcljr
lutherwiki ($1)
Might have been relevant, but doesn't seem to exist anymore. - dcljr
mediazilla ($1)
Might be a good idea to keep this around for linking to known bugs in MediaWiki software (i.e., in discussions on talk pages). Sure, not many of us (if anyone) will be doing that right now, but hopefully we'll be getting more wiki experts joining us soon. - dcljr
metawiki ($1)
Never used this before, but appears to be a multiple-wikis-at-once search engine. - dcljr
metawikipedia ($1)
Yes, definitely (for info about MediaWiki software, discussion of general wiki issues, etc.), but I've suggested the more logical WikimediaMeta prefix.
wikia ($1)
Probably don't need the main site, although I've suggested WikiaCentral for it. More important are the individual wiki(a)s, for which I've suggested WikiaSite. There's probably already a relevant wikia there, although I haven't checked. - dcljr
wikicities ($1)
This is just an alias for Wikia now, since the site was renamed. - dcljr
wikinfo ($1)
I don't use it, but it's basically a non-NPOV version of Wikipedia. Might be useful for some. - dcljr
wikispecies ($1)
The only Wikimedia sister project I didn't include (oh, except for the new Wikiversity, which probably will eventually have relevant content). I don't think it's (Wikispecies, that is) really useful for us as it stands now, but maybe we should keep it for "completeness"? - dcljr
wikt / wiktionary ($1)
Yes to Wiktionary, but we should use the second form (wiktionary), not the abbreviated form. - dcljr
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