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Guidelines for Categorization

Dcljr and I have a bit of a disagreement resulting from me going stompy-stompy all over his category choices. So perhaps a set of editorial guidelines on how to put articles in categories.

I guess the guiding principle should be that articles should be put in the categories where they'll do the most good. But this ought to be turned into some concrete rules.

For instance, when I saw articles in both Category:People and Category:Atheists, I removed the "People" category, since "Atheists" is a subcategory of "People": why put an article in both a general and a specific category? That seems redundant.

Dcljr points out, quite sensibly, that if someone doesn't know that Douglas Adams is an atheist, he's not likely to go looking in Category:Atheists.

A similar argument can be made for arguments: do we want Category:Arguments for the existence of God to be a huge list of every single argument for God, or do we want to break the list up into taxonomic subcategories, or both?

Perhaps one point to consider is, under what conditions do people look at category pages? Usually, I either use the search box on the left, or follow links in an article; I don't use categories unless I'm just browsing to see what's around. But perhaps I'm atypical.

I suppose a category link at the bottom of an article really means "Here's a list of things that are sort of like this one." But again, this isn't something that can be directly added to a "do's and don'ts" list.

Any thoughts? --Arensb 17:29, 10 May 2007 (CDT)

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