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[[Category:Stub templates|*]]
[[Category:Stub templates|*]]

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This is a list of stub templates (that is, templates for marking stubs on different topics) in use on this wiki.

A stub is a short, underdeveloped article in need of expansion by individuals familiar with the topic. The main category for stubs is Category:Stubs.

See also Iron Chariots Wiki:Templates.

Template name Purpose Usage Category
Template:Apologist-stub Biographical stubs about religious (usually Christian) apologists. {{apologist-stub}} Category:Apologist stubs
Template:Argument-stub Stubs about arguments for or against the existence of God or gods. {{argument-stub}} Category:Argument stubs
Template:Atheist-stub Biographical stubs about atheists. {{atheist-stub}} Category:Atheist stubs
Template:Mythology-stub Stubs about various metaphysical, usually non-religious, topics. {{mythology-stub}} Category:Mythology stubs
Template:Philosophy-stub Stubs about various philosophical topics. {{philosophy-stub}} Category:Philosophy stubs
Template:Religion-stub Stubs about religious topics. {{religion-stub}} Category:Religion stubs
Template:Stub Stubs about all other topics. {{stub}} Category:Stubs
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