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See [ Help:Template] at Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki for more (much, much more) information.
See [[WikimediaMeta:Help:Template]] for more (much, much more) information.
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[[Category:Iron Chariots|Templates]]

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Templates are reusable portions of text and/or wiki code that can be "included" in other pages by using the "double-braces" wiki syntax:

{{Name of template}}

The name of the template can have spaces (you don't have to replace them by _underscores_). The contents of the template is stored in the same-named page in the "Template" namespace, which would be linked to using the following "double-square-brackets" syntax:

[[Template:Name of template]]

The two forms differ in that the former results in the substitution of the contents of the template page at that point in the current page (where {{...}} appears), whereas the latter simply links to the page.

A more concrete example:

  • [[Template:Stub]] results in the link Template:Stub.
  • {{Stub}} — or, equivalently, {{stub}} — results in the contents of the "Stub" template being displayed:

See WikimediaMeta:Help:Template for more (much, much more) information.

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