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# Create [[Template:Bible-stub]] (based on, say, [[Template:Religion-stub]]).
# Create [[Template:Bible-stub]] (based on, say, [[Template:Religion-stub]]).
# Create [[:Category:Bible stubs]].
# Create [[:Category:Bible stubs]].
# Add an entry at [[Iron Chariots Wiki:Templates/Stub]].
# Add the appropriate entry at [[Iron Chariots Wiki:Templates/Stub]].
[[Category:Iron Chariots|Stub]]
[[Category:Iron Chariots|Stub]]

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In wiki parlance, a stub is an unacceptably short, underdeveloped article that needs the attention of editors.

If you create or come across such an article, please flag it with an appropriate stub template.

If the article is short, but sufficiently informative for our purposes, don't flag it as a stub. (Remember, articles not directly related to atheism, religion and apologetics don't need to be very detailed; they can simply link to the corresponding Wikipedia article for more information, using Template:Wikipedia.)

For a list of stubs in different subject areas, see Category:Stubs.

New stub categories

The creation of new stub categories should probably be cleared with an administrator to avoid the kind of explosion of stub categories encountered on Wikipedia.

If a new type of stub is created, remember to make a template for it (using one of the existing stub templates as a model), create the corresponding category (making it a subcategory of Category:Stubs), and add the template to Iron Chariots Wiki:Templates/Stub.

For example, if it is decided to create a new stub type called "Bible-stub":

  1. Create Template:Bible-stub (based on, say, Template:Religion-stub).
  2. Create Category:Bible stubs.
  3. Add the appropriate entry at Iron Chariots Wiki:Templates/Stub.
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