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Special pages are pages that can't be directly edited by users; their content is instead generated by the MediaWiki software automatically, sometimes in real-time, sometimes based on cached information. Most special pages provide lists of pages that match specific criteria, such as articles with no categories or those having no incoming links to them. Others list other things, such as registered users. Some are page-specific, such as "what links here".

Below is a list of the special pages in use on this wiki and brief descriptions of what they're used for. For more in-depth information, see WikimediaMeta:Help:Special page.

Special pages for all users

These pages should be visible for everyone at Special:Specialpages (see entry below).

All pages — Special:Allpages
All pages in a specified namespace (chosen by drop-down menu), in alphabetical order, including redirects (shown in black).
Unfortunately, when linking to this page a namespace cannot be specified (it defaults to the main article namespace), but a starting point can be given after a forward slash in the link: [[Special:Allpages/So]].
Pages with the most categories — Special:Mostcategories
Articles containing the most [[Category:]] links.
Pages with the most revisions — Special:Mostrevisions
Articles that have been edited the most.

(more info to come...)

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