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# '''Browse "prefix index"'''
# '''Browse "prefix index"'''
#: [[Special:Prefixindex]] (more info to come...)
#: [[Special:Prefixindex]] (more info to come...)
# '''Browse list of categories'''
# '''Browse categories'''
#: [[Special:Categories]] (more info to come...)
#: [[Special:Categories]] and [[:Category:Browse categories]] (more info to come...)
[[Category:Iron Chariots]]
[[Category:Iron Chariots]]

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Searching the Iron Chariots wiki can be accomplished in many ways, depending on what kind of information you're looking for.

  1. Search box
    On every page there is a text box labeled "search" into which you can type any word or phrase (usually this appears in the left margin, but sometimes it's at the very bottom of the page). What you do then affects what kind of search is performed:
    • If you select Go or end your search text by hitting the Enter or Return key on your keyboard, you will be directed to the page having that exact title, if possible, or to a page of search results (see next point below) if there are no exact matches.
    • If you select Search, you will be given a list of pages with matching (or partially matching) titles and/or containing matching text in the body of the page.
    Only some namespaces are considered when you use the search box. This can be changed in your preferences, if you have created an account and logged in.
  2. Browse "all pages"
    Special:Allpages (more info to come...)
  3. Browse "prefix index"
    Special:Prefixindex (more info to come...)
  4. Browse categories
    Special:Categories and Category:Browse categories (more info to come...)
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